Business Strategy Support

Euroconsult supports corporate strategy in the decision-making process to assess new business opportunities and review market positioning.

Euroconsult supports small businesses to large enterprises in their decision-making process to assess new opportunities and review their market positioning. Our knowledge on corporate strategy development covers the full spectrum of space applications and is delivered to all public and private players of the satellite value chain, including emerging and world leaders.

Our core expertise since our inception has been in the assessment of satellite markets whether in the context of specific projects, companies' industrial projects, or for public institutions wishing to optimize their spending. During the past 30 years, Euroconsult has built leadership expertise in the various application fields of satellite technology and services including satellite communications, Earth observation and satellite navigation.

Our expertise in the assessment of the commercial satellite industry is based on a combination of client assignments and research reports. Euroconsult’s main activity since its origin has been to provide clients with independent studies and assessments that contribute to their decision-making process with respect to a satellite, a subsystem or a technology investment. These studies include market analysis for specific equipment, strategic positioning of industrial market players and support to the definition of R&D strategies for companies and agencies. We have developed a unique expertise for impartial advice both for existing products and companies and for green field projects.

Services Include:

Market Analysis & Forecasts
We advise satellite manufacturers, equipment providers, operators and service providers on demand and supply trends in the satellite communications market, to assist them in the elaboration of their business plans for the launch of new satellites or services.

Our expertise has been built based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis conducted from dedicated proprietary databases on satellite markets covering all commercial and technical parameters in all major space-related businesses, complemented by primary and secondary research.

Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
We support companies in assessing their positioning and competitive dynamics in their markets. Such independent assessment often include the profile of established and emerging competitors with the objective to benchmark the company with other key suppliers. The scope of competitive analysis & benchmarking includes, for instance:

  • • Companies’ product and service portfolio and its business model applied to the various market segments and related applications
  • • Companies’ infrastructure and assets
  • • Companies’ overall positioning and market share in the key market segments discussed above
  • • Review of the companies’ financial situation
  • • Companies’ customer backlog, including the quality of those customers, the tenor and volume of contractual commitments, and an analysis of customer concentration and related risks
  • • Review of barriers to entry (e.g. regulatory) and substitution risks in the companies’ markets and analysis of its ability to differentiate in the market
  • • Key suppliers and partners
  • • Companies’ strategy for future development, including its marketing approach and plans, as well as for alliances or strategic relationships
  • • SWOT summary

Customer Surveys
Most missions conducted by Euroconsult incorporate an interview process with stakeholders in order to complement the analysis. For the last three years, we have undertaken over 500 interviews involving high-level executives in the space sector worldwide with satellite primes, equipment suppliers, space agencies, satellite operators and service providers. Information collected from these interviews enriches our team understanding on practices, trends and lessons learned from private and public stakeholders in the space sector. Customer surveys are often undertaken in close cooperation with our clients to maximize the value received from the exercise. Our standard approach is based on three steps:

  • • Survey design with client validation of questionnaire(s) and target(s)
  • • Survey implementation, which includes contacting the interview targets, undertaking and debriefing the interviews. Interviews can take multiple forms, therefore we always review with the client at the start of the project the best approach to follow
  • • Result analysis: The results are discussed in a dedicated analysis that highlights trends, divergences and commonalities, in light of our market expertise


  • • Over 30 years of experience in providing independent assistance to decision makers in the space and satellite sectors
  • • True end-to-end capability to cover all facets of government space programs, including policy, market, industry, finance, regulation, technology, and mission operations
  • • Over 500 consulting projects conducted in over 50 countries worldwide for leading and new players in the space sector
  • • Our reach extends to all space-based applications and the full value chain of space activities
  • • With a pool of over 50 in-house and partner experts available, we cover multiple nationalities and languages
  • • Using our regularly updated in-house research, we base our consulting work on the latest and most current content
  • • With experience organizing top level summits, conferences and workshops for various clients across the globe, we are recognized for setting industry standards in creating opportunities to exchange industry knowledge, gather stakeholder perspectives and network

  • • Independent evaluation with reputable and unbiased results on which you can rely
  • • Trusted by leading players around the world, our international access and experience with global decision makers and programs leads to benchmarks and comparisons that produce actionable recommendations
  • • For your convenience and to reach the people that matter, we can work on site and conduct local consultations and workshops
  • • For information assurance, benefit from our end-to-end capability to meet your strategic needs
  • • Proprietary databases and forecast models developed over 30 years that are systematically applied
  • • The consistency of our approach is an essential quality trusted by leading space organizations that are regular customers over the years

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