Satellite Communications

COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacted Maritime and Aero Connectivity segments but also impacted satellite connectivity and video market delaying its return to growth.

Long-term market drivers for satellite connectivity remain strong, and before the pandemic the market was starting to show signs of recovery from the major market price reset. However, due to COVID-19’s impact on bandwidth consumption by cruise ships, commercial airlines, and the energy sector, return to growth previously forecast to begin in 2020 is now unlikely until 2022. The satellite and connectivity market is now expected to surpass its historic revenue peak by 2024 and will become an $18.7 billion market by 2029.

Nevertheless, not all market segments have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Consumer broadband saw growth in North America following the pandemic, with existing subscribers shifting to higher value plans and overall growth in subscriber base. Nonetheless, temporary supply chain issues have caused delays in new project rollouts in most market segments. Despite the short-term headwinds caused by the pandemic, underlying market drivers is expected to prevail, enabling long-term growth.

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