Executive Training Programs

Providing interdisciplinary knowledge transfer to government, private sector and not-for-profit organizations

Euroconsult's customized training programs provide interdisciplinary knowledge transfer to government, private sector and not-for-profit organizations wishing to enhance their expertise in the space sector. Fully adapted to your specific needs, Euroconsult customizes the content and formats of the training program to match your development goals. Delivered with an emphasis on flexibility, accessibility and experiential learning, this tailored service provides functional and executive level training with defined outcomes, including:

  • • Interdisciplinary training on all aspects of the space industry - markets, financial, policy, technical, program management, etc.
  • • Ability to build your own program or benefit from packaged programs based on your needs
  • • Benchmarking, profiling, best practices and lessons learned from key players of the space and satellite sectors
  • • Possibility to organize tours of government and private industry facilities and meetings with high level international executives and officials
  • • Flexibility in choosing a training location, ranging from on-site training at your office, at our offices or in prestigious third party locations
  • • Exposure to training in a variety of mediums and formats, from videoconferences to seminars and hands-on exercises, over a few hours, days or week-long sessions

Our main topics

Space technical/engineering fundamentals Space program management specifics Space legal/regulatory and frequency specifics Space industry and markets dynamics Space sector's professions and skills


Fully flexible contents, either specifically designed or based upon standard packages Experiential learning enabling both demonstrable knowledge transfer and networking opportunities Combined access to the appropriate set of training venues, industry visits & support services Access to a unique line-up of seasoned industry experts with extensive sectorial expertise

For who?

Governmental & international
Financial institutions
& insurance
Satellite & equipment
Service providers Launch service providers Satellite operators

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