Operations Management Services

The procurement of a satellite system is a complex process; each procurement program has unique characteristics that require specific strategies. Euroconsult provides end-to-end, one-stop-shop solutions to government and private organizations along the entire program life-cycle: From program definition to post-procurement activities, from satellite systems to ground networks and services.

Business Case Preparation or Validation

We help to elaborate and validate the proposed budget planning for public agencies, while in the private sector it is more a question of the financial viability of the project in order to secure maximum return on investment. This includes a full review of supply/demand for the type of services expected, SWOT analysis, commercial due diligence, cost benefit analysis, socio-economic benefits/estimated impact, etc.

Concept Definition

This activity aims at drawing the main lines of the program to start with which objective to serve first, the initial high-level set of specifications, which global architecture and which concept of operation.

Feasibility Study and Preliminary System Specifications Definition or Validation

The objective is to define or verify technical and operational specifications of the project. Requirements are translated into top-level functional and operational requirements which are feasible from the technological, the financial, and scheduling standpoints.

Corporate Set-Up/Infrastructures

We assist in the establishment of the organization and define and procure the necessary ground infrastructure required to undertake the national space program according to the requirements and concept of operations.


We support the procurement of the satellite system (both space and ground segments); activities typically include:
  • • Development of technical specifications
  • • Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • • Evaluation and selection of proposals
  • • Contract negotiations
  • • Construction monitoring of both the spacecraft and the ground segment
  • • Support to insurance, financing and frequency coordination
  • • Training
  • • Technology transfer and know-how
  • • Organization plans

Corporate Operations

We assess both the structure of operations as well as key processes and tools having an impact on operations. This includes for example top management, strategy and corporate development, financing, sales and marketing functions, corporate communication and customer management, IT systems and interfaces, etc.

Commercial Strategy

While we can support the definition if the initial business model, this phase of the process supports the definition of an efficient commercial strategy, aligned with the company objectives which may include capacity use for internal needs, capacity leasing to third party organizations, service supply directly to end-users, benchmarks from other satellite businesses, support to the definition of products, services and the associated pricing strategy...


Our team combines experience in supporting the implementation and procurement of over 100 satellite programs and projects around the world. We are able to set up at any time a multinational team of experts covering all programmatic aspects including financial, technical, policy, operational, marketing, legal, etc.

Involved Euroconsult Executives Include:

  • Pacome Revillon (CEO), over 15 years of experience. Expertise includes finance, market, corporate strategy. Pacome has advised on over 100 projects.
  • Steve Bochinger (COO), over 15 years of experience. Expertise includes policy, regulation, market, corporate strategy. Steve has advised on over 100 projects.
  • Adam Keith (Director), over 15 years of experience. Expertise includes Earth observation, operations, market, strategy, policy. Adam has advised on over 50 projects.
  • Shigeki Kuzuoka (Head of Euroconsult's Japan Office), over 30 years of experience. Expertise includes Earth observation, procurement, management, operations and sales.
  • Rachel Villain (Principal Advisor), over 30 years of experience. Expertise includes satellite manufacturing and launch, finance, market, corporate strategy. Rachel has advised on over 200 projects.

A Sample of Our Affiliated Experts Include:

  • Dennis Jones (senior consultant), over 25 years of experience. Expertise includes Earth observation, procurement, management, operations, sales.
  • Paul Carnicer (senior consultant), over 15 years of experience. Expertise includes satellite communications, procurement, management and operations.
  • Frank Niehaus (senior consultant), over 30 years of experience. Expertise includes ground systems, procurement, management and operations.

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