Broadcast & Broadband

The global TV and video market is up $31 billion since 2008 and is currently estimated at $192 billion, with the production sector capturing the majority of revenues.

The Content Management & Distribution (CMD) market is still dependent on the distribution of linear TV channels, representing 30,000 satellite TV signals and 23,000 unique TV channels in 2013. Nevertheless, non-linear content growth continues to accelerate, including over-the-top content (OTT) and mobile video, impacting service revenues while prompting specialized CMD providers to expand their service offerings.

Subscriptions to satellite pay-TV reached 196 million homes in 2013 and revenues topped $97 billion. While key performance indicators of the sector continued to grow, a slight slowdown was observed, largely attributable to the lack of dynamism in mature markets. Emerging markets now account for 60% of global subscribers, as well as nearly 100% of subscription growth.

Drivers & dynamics for satellite pay-tv and video content markets

A Sample of Our Consulting Expertise

  • • Commercial due diligence of an FSS operator in Latin America
  • • Commercial due diligence of an FSS operator in Asia Pacific
  • • Commercial due diligence of a startup FSS operator in Eastern Europe
  • • Commercial due diligence of a regional FSS operator over the Americas
  • • Critical review of the business plan for a new satellite over EMEA
  • • Independent valuation of a transponder agreement
  • • Market assessment for video transmission services over satellite
  • • Independent market assessment of a Spanish TV broadcasting service
  • • Market due diligence for a global FSS operator
  • • Commercial due diligence of a regional FSS satellite system