Satellite Communications

The FSS industry is in the midst of unprecedented change, with the dramatic downsizing of traditional pricing leading to decreasing revenues for many in the sector and the possibility of major restructuring or consolidation on the horizon.

Within the context of this very competitive and turbulent landscape, the satellite communications sector must embrace innovation as a means to recover and thrive over the coming decade. Despite a decline of over $2 billion in annual regular capacity revenues, Euroconsult forecasts the total market to grow to $15.3 billion in 2026. Revenue growth is to be largely carried by HTS systems that are better positioned to address the growing demand of data-centric applications.

Growth opportunities will continue to materialize such as those found in emerging regions, with TV distribution, government programs for rural connectivity, enterprise networks and cellular backhaul all continuing to grow over the next ten years. In the most mature markets, some historical businesses will erode, potentially including TV distribution. In the meantime, new growth opportunities for mobility, broadband access and wireless network extension should be enabled by new satellite solutions.

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A Sample of Our Consulting Expertise

  • • Market assessment for Asia, the Middle East and Africa
  • • Commercial due diligence of an FSS operator in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe
  • • Extenal due diligence of a regional operator over Europe and Africa
  • • Critical review of the business plan for a new satellite over EMEA
  • • Independent assessment of a satellite project in Latin America
  • • Commercial due diligence of a teleport operator in the Middle East
  • • Commercial due diligence on a startup FSS operator for MEA and Asia
  • • Commercial due diligence for a new satellite over Asia
  • • Independent markets assessment of a startup satellite project
  • • Commercial due diligence of a regional FSS satellite system