Sylvie Bellin

Sylvie Bellin


Euroconsult - France (HQ)
86 Boulevard de Sebastopol
75003, Paris, France
+33 1 49 23 75 30

Sylvie Bellin is a Consultant at Euroconsult, based in Paris, France. Since joining the firm in 1987, Sylvie has worked on over 100 consulting missions, specializing in space policy, budgets and programs for civil, defense and security. She is also in charge of Euroconsult’s information collection process and the overall management of the firm’s space and Earth observation practice.

Sylvie regularly contributes to Euroconsult’s research division, specifically recurring research reports focused on the space sector, including Profiles of Government Space Programs, Government Space Markets and Satellites to be Built and Launched. Her extensive experience in the industry has brought Sylvie to provide strategic guidance to leading and emerging space agencies worldwide. In the past, she has analyzing the market activities for a variety of satellite models, space applications and space corporation activities. She holds a Master’s Degree in Information Research & Management (INTD) and a Master 2 in European economics from the University of Picardy’s Department of Economics and Management.

As a busy mother of two, Sylvie has put her globetrotting desires on hold and now travels vicariously through the country profiles that she writes for Euroconsult. To relax, she practices yoga and Pilates.

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