Dimitri Buchs

Dimitri Buchs

Senior Consultant

Euroconsult - Canada
465 Rue McGill, Suite 1103
Montreal (QC) H2Y 2H1, Canada
+1 (514) 750-9698

Dimitri Buchs is a Senior Consultant of Euroconsult, based in Montreal, Canada. He specializes in the digital broadcasting sector. Since joining the firm in 2007, Dimitri has worked on over 30 consulting missions. His expertise lies in analyzing market dynamics for video distribution and contribution services, regularly contributing to consulting projects and due diligence studies for satellite operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers where video broadcast is an essential part of the assessment.

Dimitri is also the main contributor to Euroconsult’s research reports dedicated to the broadcasting sector including Prospects for Video Content Management and Distribution and DTH Platforms: Key Economics & Prospects.

Dimitri has lived in 8 countries and visited dozens of other countries. He particularly enjoys traveling across the U.S. for the variety of landscapes the country has to offer.

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