Badia Belkouchi

Badia Belkouchi

Senior Consultant

Euroconsult - France (HQ)
86 Boulevard de Sebastopol
75003, Paris, France
+33 1 49 23 75 30

Badia Belkouchi is a Senior Consultant at Euroconsult based in Paris, France. Badia joined Euroconsult in 2015 to assist in the management of the firm’s proprietary economic and technical databases for commercial and government satellite missions. She works on the development of data acquisition and processing tools in Python. She is also a regular contributor to Euroconsult’s research reports, which include Satellites to be Built & Launched in the Next Ten Years, and engages in client-specific consulting missions that tackle the industrial aspects of the space sector.

Prior to joining Euroconsult, she did research in the aerospace industry and published an article in the Journal of Computational Physics. Badia holds an engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the ISAE-Supaéro (Ensica) graduate school in Toulouse, and an MSc in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Imperial College London.

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